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Tesco Opticians is rapidly expanding across the country. But that doesn't mean we're new to the optical industry - far from it. In fact, we've been focused on improving the nation's eye health for many years now. You might be surprised to know that we've performed more than 3.5 million sight tests over the past decade.

We're now in the exciting process of expanding our optical business and opening new in-store branches across the country. For committed optical professionals looking for something more from their career, this translates into a world of opportunity.

After all, Tesco is not only one of the world's leading retailers - we're also a responsible, honest and fair business whose commitment to customer care is matched only by our dedication to looking after our people.

Joining us in one of our brand new, state-of-the-art branches, you'll be able to shape the future direction of this growing business - and establish Tesco Opticians at the heart of the optical industry. What's more, you'll become a valued member of an already successful organisation that is serious about providing highly professional, good value optical services to customers.

Excitingly, because we're still developing as a business, there is huge scope for you to develop your career and become a professional at the top of your industry.

What are our branches like?

Tesco Opticians branches offer a varied, friendly and exciting working environment. They are light, open and airy spaces with a modern layout and cutting-edge equipment. It all adds up to a welcoming and professional environment that inspires high levels of confidence in our customers, not to mention fantastic levels of service from our staff.

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